The best Side of mouth disease

storage pool disease a blood coagulation ailment on account of failure of the platelets to release adenosine diphosphate (ADP) in reaction to aggregating agents; characterised by moderate bleeding episodes, prolonged bleeding time, and decreased aggregation reaction to collagen or thrombin.

By the invention of lingering Demise; for he experienced a mortal disease which he perpetually tended, and as Restoration was out on the query, he handed his complete life as being a valetudinarian; he could do nothing but go to upon himself, and he was in regular torment Every time he departed in anything from his regular routine, and so dying hard, by the help of science he struggled on to outdated age.

n a scarring with the endocardium ensuing from involvement in acute rheumatic fever. The procedure most often requires the mitral valve.

n a disease developing in various members of precisely the same household. Normally used to necessarily mean members of a similar generation and occasionally employed synonymously with hereditary disease.

Finest's disease An autosomal dominant inherited degeneration by which there is an accumulation of lipofuscin throughout the retinal pigment epithelium, which interferes with its operate. It's caused by a mutation in bestrophin gene (BEST1). The disease is characterized by the appearance about the retina in the first and next decades of life of a vibrant orange deposit, resembling the yolk of an egg (vitelliform), with almost click here no effect on vision. It eventually absorbs, leaving scarring, pigmentary alterations and impairment of central vision typically, Whilst in some instances the retinal lesion may be eccentric, with hardly any impact on vision.

two. A morbid entity ordinarily characterised by two or more of the subsequent criteria: identified etiologic agent(s), identifiable group of symptoms and symptoms, or consistent anatomic alterations.

Alzheimer's disease progressive degenerative disease with the Mind, of mysterious lead to; characterized by diffuse atrophy all through the cerebral cortex with distinctive histopathological variations.

Crigler-Najjar disease see below syndrome. Crohn's disease regional enteritis; a Serious granulomatous inflammatory disease normally inside the terminal ileum with scarring and thickening of the wall, generally leading to intestinal obstruction and formation of fistulas and abscesses.

prion disease any of a bunch of lethal, transmissible neurodegenerative diseases, which can be sporadic, familial, or obtained, caused by abnormalities of prion protein metabolism ensuing from mutations within the prion protein gene or from infection with pathogenic varieties of the protein. pulseless disease Takayasu's arteritis.

hefty chain diseases a bunch of malignant neoplasms of lymphoplasmacytic cells marked with the presence of immunoglobulin major chains or major chain fragments; They are really classified As outlined by large chain variety, e.g., alpha chain disease.

n abnormal functioning within an organism frequently expressed by certain bodily indications. This time period is a lot more concrete than ailment, which includes mental elements too.

n hereditary disease characterized by malformed cranium together with ocular troubles like divergent squint, exophthalmos, and optic atrophy.

Hashimoto's disease a progressive disease of your thyroid gland with degeneration of its epithelial components and replacement by lymphoid and fibrous tissue.

A point out of disharmonious vibration of the elements and forces influencing individuals on a number of planes of existence.

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