A Simple Key For hand foot and mouth Unveiled

smaller airways disease Long-term obstructive bronchitis with irreversible narrowing in the bronchioles and compact bronchi. See also obstructive smaller airways d. Smith-Strang disease methionine malabsorption syndrome.

By the invention of lingering Dying; for he had a mortal disease which he perpetually tended, and as Restoration was out from the dilemma, he passed his overall existence to be a valetudinarian; he could do almost nothing but attend upon himself, and he was in regular torment Every time he departed in just about anything from his normal program, and so dying difficult, by the help of science he struggled on to outdated age.

n.pr a method of uncommon progressive oral gangrene happening in childhood and observed only in Japan. Apparently linked to a congenital insufficient the enzyme catalase (acatalasemia).

vinyl chloride disease acro-osteolysis resulting from publicity to vinyl chloride, characterized by Raynaud's phenomenon and pores and skin and bony improvements about the limbs.

molecular disease any disease by which the pathogenesis is often traced to one molecule, generally a protein, that's both irregular in composition or present in lowered quantities.

minimum improve disease subtle alterations in kidney purpose demonstrable by scientific albuminuria along with the existence of lipid droplets in cells from the proximal tubules, viewed primarily in younger little ones.

any animal or fomite where an infectious disease agent is preserved in the viable point out or multiplies and upon which it may well rely for survival.

There were no far more diseases just after zymosis, so I concluded there was absolutely nothing else the issue with me.

n ailment through which the acidic contents in the tummy reflux up in the esophagus. Signs include heartburn, regurgitation, and pulmonary irregularities.

Stargardt's disease An autosomal recessive inherited ailment of the retina occurring in the initial or 2nd decade of lifestyle and affecting the central location of your retina. A handful of cases are inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. Recognized brings about with the disease involve a mutation in a single of the next genes: ABCA4, CNGB3 and ELOVL4. There's an accumulation of lipofuscin throughout the retinal pigment epithelium, which interferes with its perform.

n a disease of the large blood vessels, such as the aorta, and coronary arteries. Fatty plaque buildup and thrombosis formation in these vessels might bring on a myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and circulation difficulties within the limbs. It is frequently a complication of prolonged-term diabetic issues.

autoimmune disease any of a bunch of Issues through which check here tissue personal injury is connected with humoral or mobile-mediated responses to your body's individual constituents; They could be systemic or organ-specific.

Niemann's disease , Niemann-Select disease a lysosomal storage disease because of sphingomyelin accumulation during the reticuloendothelial technique; you'll find 5 varieties distinguished by age of onset, amount of central nervous system involvement, and degree of enzyme deficiency.

black disease a lethal disease of sheep, and from time to time of humans, in America and Australia, as a result of Clostridium novyi, marked by necrotic areas from the liver.

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