The Basic Principles Of mouth disease

hyaline membrane disease a form of respiratory distress syndrome with the newborn wherein You can find development of a hyaline-like membrane lining the terminal respiratory passages; comprehensive atelectasis is attributed to lack of surfactant.

maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) a hereditary enzyme defect in metabolism of branched chain amino acids, marked clinically by psychological and Actual physical retardation, serious ketoacidosis, feeding challenges, in addition to a characteristic maple syrup odor in the urine and on the human body. a form of unusual progressive oral gangrene taking place in childhood and witnessed only in Japan. Seemingly connected to a congenital insufficient the enzyme catalase (acatalasemia).

Minamata disease a significant neurologic dysfunction because of alkyl mercury poisoning, with lasting neurologic and psychological disabilities or Dying; once prevalent amongst People feeding on contaminated seafood from Minamata Bay, Japan.

that A part of a individual's historical past which relates only to your disease from which the affected individual is struggling.

any of a gaggle of genetically decided Ailments of glycogen metabolism, marked by abnormal storage of glycogen in the body tissues. See also glycogen storage disease.

Alzheimer's disease progressive degenerative disease in the brain, of unfamiliar bring about; characterised by diffuse atrophy through the cerebral cortex with distinctive histopathological modifications.

a disease that does not arise in the subject region. Explained of infectious diseases Which may be launched, e.g. rabies is exotic to the UK, contagious bovine pleuropneumonia is exotic to the United states of here america.

Kyrle's disease a Serious ailment of keratinization marked by keratotic plugs that acquire in hair follicles and eccrine ducts, penetrating the epidermis and increasing down in the corium, triggering international-entire body reaction and discomfort.

polycystic kidney disease , polycystic disease of kidneys both of two unrelated heritable Ailments marked by cysts in both of those kidneys: the autosomal dominant or Grownup form is more typical, appears in adult daily life, which is marked by lack of renal purpose which might be possibly rapid or slow; the autosomal recessive or infantile form is more rare, might be congenital or could seem later in childhood, and almost always progresses to renal failure.

Lyme disease a recurrent multisystemic condition due to the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi, the vectors being the ticks Ixodes scapularis and I.

a ailment due to dietary or metabolic deficiency, such as all diseases attributable to an insufficient provide of crucial nutrients.

Norrie's disease An inherited X-connected recessive condition characterised by bilateral congenital blindness. It truly is brought on by mutation during the norrin gene (NDP). The First ocular presentation is leukocoria.

black disease a deadly disease of sheep, and often of individuals, in The us and Australia, as a result of Clostridium novyi, marked by necrotic areas while in the liver.

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